We may ship UPS, or USPS.

 Shipping rates have changed from 60 inch to 48 inch limit, causing all my packages at 56 inches to cost an extra $12.00 for Extra Handling, Included UPS, FedEX and USPS. That is why shipping rates are so high. It makes me mad, but there is nothing I have been able to do about it. 

The 2 mil is easier to work with to make a mirror, 4 mil is more durable. 

Canada, your shipping may be higher, I tried to guesstimate from past orders,  if you email me before you order I can give you a quote, if you order, I might need to send you a paypal invoice, for any difference.

Josh will process the orders at night after his day job, and they will go out the next day whenever possible.. Please give us 3 working days to get the packages out, to allow for life's complications, with babies, wives, and work, along with self employment. If you need it faster, call and we will do what we can, we can upgrade shipping from ground, but do realize UPS charges alot for faster shipping.

Our 1, 2, and 5 mil, are coated on both sides, so  you cannot see thru them.
Our 2 sided mirror sheeting is one of the most reflective products on the market today.

Hey! RV/HOME OWNERS/SNOWBIRDS ETC IN AZ, TX, FL, AND ANYWHERE ELSE THAT IT IS SO DARN HOT!  Try our product by putting some 1, 2, 4, mil. over your roof. Its like being in the shade.

INSULATION IN HOUSES-Radiant heat barrier. Use the 1 mil in your attic, or crawl space, on the floors and rafters, leaving a 1/2 to 1 inch air gap between passes, so it can breathe. Or put the 1mil behind your drywall When building a new house.

Attach it to old fashioned window shades to make them bright and modern. Pull them down when you want it, pull it up when you don't. (the mirror sheeting should not be attached to the window for permanent installation, because the shiny (metallized side) will start to break down after a year or so if you have sweaty windows, you should put it on a roller or leave an air gap) A thick double backed tape works well, attached to the frame of the window , leaving a small air gap between the film and the window, if you don't want to make roller shades. Just put it on the corners, and pull tight to make the film flat. 

We also carry clear for storm windows in the winter.

Makes great photography reflectors.  Dance floors. Kalideoscopes.

Do to the fragile nature of this product we do not accept returns. Please order samples to be sure this is what you want.